Sticks and Stones

Gifts for Spirit, Mind, Body


We have 7 day candles, and 50 hour candles for sale, prices from $3.99 - $6.99

Here is the Chakra collection:

We offer a nice selection of different intents,

not limited to what is pictured here:

Elemental/Watchtower candles for casting circles and calling Spirit:

Orisha candles, we do have these available in both

the 50 hour (pictured here) and the 7 day:

Colors and Candles: we have many colors in the sizes for

Chime, Taper, and plain 7-day Glass candles

Witch's Brew:

Affirmation and Blessed Herbal candles (made with Intent)

Wicked Witch Mojo Candles

Motor City HooDoo

Artisan Etched glass candle holders

Miscellaneous candle holders:


We have been called many names!
Metaphysical, New Age, Gift Shop, Hippie, Earthy, Tree-Hugger, Spiritual, Goddess,
Celtic, Pagan, Witch, Wicca, Wise Women, just to name a few...
Native Americans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Hinduists, and  Celts... all use affirmations, prayers, rituals and magic in their daily practices. Imagine a connection (similar to a web) through invisible threads, all of which are connected with each other. Any wind, or any vibration on that web, will make waves that will influence the whole. This is how the Spirit works, and this is the magical tradition behind all religions. The Spirit is very powerful.

Sticks and Stones respects every person's own spiritual path and invites you to share and learn with us. 

...No matter what you call us, if you intend no harm you are welcome in our circle.

Sticks and Stones Circle, 11037 Lee Highway, Fairfax VA 22030, 703-352-2343,




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