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Incense sticks, cones, powder

We offer a large variety of incense Sticks, Cones, and Shorties;

including the brands Satya, Wild Berry, and Herb & Earth.

Wild Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient insures the fragrance stays fresh and smells the same on the stick as it does when it burns.

Each Wild Berry Incense is aromatic and sensual in its own way. 

Wild Berry incense has been lovingly hand-dipped since 1971 in the USA.


Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is the producer of the world famed creation of Satya “Sai Baba Nag Champa” incense. This all natural, Eco-friendly handcrafted incense and is for most incense regulars, when they think of Nag Champa they think of Sai Baba as the industry standard. We carry a nice selection of their more popular fragrances, including of course Sai Baba Nag Champa, Satya Super Hit, Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood and others. All of these products are Masala based hand rolled incense. The products we carry are all genuine Satya Sai Baba.




Herb and Earth Incense Sticks

Lighter and cleaner

Herb & Earth Incense

provides traditional scents

with less smoke

and lighter fragrances.

This beautifully delicate line of

colored bamboo stick incense

was developed in Japan.


We are always finding new and fun burners for your incense sticks and cones.

Backflow Incense!

We make these Budha Incense Bottles here,

also available in other colors on request. 

Bottle Incense Burners are a clean and safe way to burn your incense sticks.

Each incense bottle comes with a keyring that acts as the incense stick holder. Simply light your incense stick and insert the unlit end to the keyring, place the incense stick's lit end into the bottle and balance the keyring at the opening of the bottle. The small holes in the bottle will allow air flow so that your stick will stay lit and the scented smoke will be released out of the top. The ashes will fall safely and cleanly into the bottle. 

Incense Powder

I package provides approximately 12 hours of burn time.

Use powdered incense 

in one of these unique burners


The incense powder burners are specially designed 

to work with our incense powder. 

Simply load the incense powder into your favorite design;

light, and watch it burn.

The burners are fireproof. Each burner kit contains

felt tabs to prevent scratching of surfaces,

ash removal brush, and a tamp to fill the burner.


We have been called many names!
Metaphysical, New Age, Gift Shop, Hippie, Earthy, Tree-Hugger, Spiritual, Goddess,
Celtic, Pagan, Witch, Wicca, Wise Women, just to name a few...
Native Americans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Hinduists, and  Celts... all use affirmations, prayers, rituals and magic in their daily practices. Imagine a connection (similar to a web) through invisible threads, all of which are connected with each other. Any wind, or any vibration on that web, will make waves that will influence the whole. This is how the Spirit works, and this is the magical tradition behind all religions. The Spirit is very powerful.

Sticks and Stones respects every person's own spiritual path and invites you to share and learn with us. 

...No matter what you call us, if you intend no harm you are welcome in our circle.




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going to need a box of the champa listed above, we used to pay 25. at mountain mystic in front royal, come to think of it might need to stop there when headed to front royal this week coming, moved to louisianna couple weeks ago, need to stay in touch eventually I want to gether cards an such out, will need some input, thank you

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