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Over on the Geomantic Campus mailing list, there’s been a bit of talk about a new (gasp!) book on geomancy,“Astrogem Geomancy” by Les Cross.  The book was just released this summer, and proposes a new cross between crystallomancy, geomancy, and astrology.  It uses the traditional sixteen geomantic figures and the astrological framework we all love, but offers some exciting innovations about interpretive models and the structure of the figures.  Plus, it also links the sixteen figures to sets of semiprecious stones, which makes sense to me, both the figures and the gems coming from the Earth.  I just ordered a copy and, shockingly, I got a thankful reply back from the author almost immediately.  I had an email exchange with him before after my post reviewing Poke Runyon’s discussion of geomancy, and we both came away the better from it.  Not gonna lie, I’m pretty humbled by his email, and I fully intend on taking him up on his offer to sign the book.

I plan to do a review of the book and technique once it falls into my hands, but in preparation for that, let me do a quick overview of the current state of geomancy in print.  Come read my abbreviated review of a slurry of geomantic texts.

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