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We hope you are well and enjoying the new growth all around!

Big announcement - we have Kellianna ( ) in Concert at our store on May 1 for Beltane! See link below - Space is limited, tickets are only $20 a person so get your ticket soon!

Also, we are finalizing another booking for Jenna Greene ( ) for Wednesday May 8 to teach a workshop and perform live in our store... we will send out more info once it is on our calendar!

HERE are some of our EVENTS coming up, please visit OUR ONLINE CALENDAR for more info at :

April 24Wednesday

Witchy Wednesday!
April 24, 2013 from 5:30pm to 7pm
Witchy Wednesdays are back! Join us for an evening full of fun and learning, as we explore different ways of being a modern-day witch. Each Wednesday we will meet at 5:30. Bring your journal to take…

April 27Saturday
The Readers' Circle
April 27, 2013 from 6pm to 7:30pm
"A group for those already well on their journey down the psychic path. We are all readers using many types of divination and communications. Join us as we come together and explore the past, present…Organized by Alicia

May 1Wednesday
Kellianna in Concert!
May 1, 2013 from 8pm to 9:30pm
Join us for another fabulous evening with Kellianna in concert, on Beltane! Tickets: $20 per person, payable in advance. Space is limited so call the store to reserve tickets with a credit card, o…

Drum Circle!
May 3, 2013 AND EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH from 7pm to 9pm
Join us and be welcome as we get together and drum, shake rattle and roll once a month! There is a place for beginners and experienced drummers in our circle. We will attempt to bring you a magical…

The Most Excellent Order of the Black Hat - Beltane circle
May 4, 2013 from 7pm to 9pm
Join us as we celebrate Beltane - Black Hat Style! Cost: $1, bring a dish to share. The Order of the Black Hat is an international eclectic order of witches. We take our spiritual path very serious…

Each month we will delve deep into a chosen herb, exploring the wise woman use, magick use, crafty/cooking/other uses, taste, touch, feel, smell, and essence of the little beastie. Each class will have printed information on the herb as well as something to take home. You are invited to join our free online herbal group for discussions, further questions, follow-up, etc.

(special note from Mama Bubbles: if you are interested in HooDoo, this is a great place to start)

We will meet on the Second Friday of every month at Sticks and Stones starting at 6:30. You may attend all months or pick and choose your favorites.
Cost options:
$15 per class
$36 for three classes: choose any three of your favorite herbs ($12 per class)
$60 for six classes: choose any six of your favorite herbs ($10 per class)
Your choices do not have to be consecutive. Call or stop by the store to sign up.

Willow teaches us the lesson of life in death. Endings are just beginnings and with new growth comes change. Willow helps us to integrate change into our lives and reminds us to allow inspiration to enter our lives at such times. Inspiration can come from the smallest or most unlikely sources so keep an open mind at all times. Willow is strongly linked with the moon and you would do well to co-ordinate your spiritual practice with the phases of the moon. Start new projects on the new moon, seek inspiration by the light of the full moon and bring matters to a close at the dark moon. Go with the flow and all will be well.
OGHAM The Celtic Oracle
by Peter Pracownik and Andy Baggott

Meet our Readers! (click link for bios)
Mama Bubbles is available for readings on Wednesdays and Thursdays
Gwendolyn is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Waystone and Frank Stormcatcher read on Thursdays and Fridays
Alicia reads on Saturdays
Sam Block reads on Sundays

Be kind to one another, you are worth it. You are brilliant, beautiful, and you are loved.

Peace and Blessings,

Gwendolyn & Bubbles
Sticks and Stones
9970 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22031

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