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I have recently published two novels dealing with the paranormal and other metaphysical issues. These are written along the framework of Stephen King, The Twilight Zone, and Boris Karloff's Thriller TV show. The first novel is called 'Blackstone - Rising from the Ashes' and deals with an agnostic and a psychic who happen to fall in love and start a life together. The experience some twists and turns that lead to some very life changing experiences. The book deals with many metaphysical issues, but its bottom line theme is self discovery - finding out who you are and why you are here.

The second novel is called 'Waking Up the Phoenix' and is book two of a sequel of three books. Here I take the main characters - Simon and Nadia - on the ride of their life. They have been 'awakened', now they will see just what it takes to survive. This book has more action in it then the previous book and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

I am currently working on the third novel in this sequence tentatively called 'Resurrection - The Phoenix Rises.' This will be more of a ghost story which again takes the characters on a ride through hell.

I love the idea that I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do, but never thought I had it in me. I am still learning the ropes, but am enjoying the journey. Each book seems to get better and easier to write. I have been writing poetry all of my life, but this is such an exciting adventure. Being able to write about my spiritual discoveries, and questions, has been enlightening. It has been a great joy.

All my books are available on and barnes and noble. Namaste.

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