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Release The Past And Connect To Your Higher Self – By Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from Messages From Your Angels, Angel Therapy, and Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards, all by Doreen Virtue. Click on the picture to see and notice what you feel. Now it is more important than ever to stay positive and believe in your dreams and intentions. The seeds you have planted are beginning to grow and manifest. Be patient and stay true to your vision. Take a step every day towards it, no matter how small. Leave the hows to God. As we approach the Spring Equinox, and higher energies sweep the Planet more now than at any other time, past issues may come up to be healed and released. Perhaps you have suppressed painful memories because you weren’t able to deal with them at the time. Now you are. Ask for help if you need to. Talk to your physical and spiritual Star Family. You will find healing and more of your true self there. This is a time where your Higher Self is merging more and more with your physical self. The more you can heal and release the past, the more of you, you will experience in the present.

I am available for private readings. If you would like to schedule one, or have any questions or comments whatsoever, please use the form on my contact page to contact me directly –

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