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You Are Here To Be Love And Light – By Star West ★


You are here to anchor love and light upon the Earth through your intentions, prayers and visualizations. This keeps the Planet safe and protected.  Your spiritual gifts qualify you to be a natural healer. Allow the Divine energy to flow through you to bring healing to every situation. There is an abundant, infinite supply for all, as vast as the ocean. To heal your present situation, enfold it in loving light to all concerned, and watch it heal in miraculous ways. To keep your energy high and go to the next level, avoid negativity on all levels, including how you think and talk about yourself. Stay out of judgement, avoid the news, violent movies, books, and TV. Declutter your environment and mind, to make room for the new. Surround yourself with positive energy, people and environments. Find a physical outlet and move your body. Surround yourself with music that uplifts you. Sing. Dance.

I am available for private readings. If you would like to schedule one, or have any questions or comments whatsoever, please use the form on my contact page to contact me directly –

If these readings have helped you, please consider making a donation. Thank you and much love! ★

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