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Focus On Becoming Light -By Star West ✭


Today’s reading comes from Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards, Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue, and Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn. Click on the picture to see, and feel what comes up for you. Focus your thoughts. As they pass through your mind, decide which ones you want to choose to engage with. This is important, because your thoughts create your reality, and there are no neutral thoughts. Thoughts contain energy. Decide what energy you wish to bring into your life in this moment and put your thoughts there now. The more you allow thoughts that you don’t want to be in your mind, the more strength they will gain, and the harder it will be to change them. Monitor your thoughts carefully and make a conscious choice about which ones you wish to empower. Allow yourself to embrace joy and pleasure. It’s not wrong, even though there are problems in the world, and people and animals are suffering. The Angels live in joy.  Joy will empower you to bring more love into your life and into the world.  Love heals all and provides solutions, as it connects you to the one mind of God and Divine Intelligence. Release any guilt you may have about enjoying pleasures in your life. Crystals contain powerful healing and spiritual energy that can help you transmute and magnify energies.  We are all  in the process of Ascension and the next step in human evolution. Our bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline. We are becoming Light. Focus on that.

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