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His Grace, Bob Hickman...on July 12th


His Grace, Bob Hickman’s, will be conducting a spirit circle on the 12th at Sticks and Stones, once in a lifetime event for some. I can tell you why: We are in a time for learning hard lessons. Our angels are working as tutors to help us through this semester of learning. The problem for all of us is that when we get caught up in the drama of the situations our emotions cloud our thinking that would guide us to resolutions. Bob’s gift as a psychic medium has the ability to see through the cloudiness and receive the notes your angels have been trying to pass along to you so that you can pass the test of the awkward situations.

Our lifestyles, the way we do business and earn a living is changing, the same as the seasons change. An example of change in our past is that we have learned to not put lead in paint because it is harmful. Another is asbestos, and how, what was thought to be a good thing, turns out to be very bad.

If you feel your life is at a standstill because the road you have been on has come to an end (probably blocked by a nice row of hedges) then that means that you are at a cross roads that fork out into new directions that are to be considered. But, which way?

His Grace has learned over the 25 years of his experience that our angels, friends and relatives in spirit can help with making these decisions. You can compare it to someone who has taken the class or has gone through the lesson you are going through and is able to pass along some hints to help you through it.

I can promise that if you attend this gathering and you will come away moved!

His Excellency, Kevin Baird
Temple of Gaia

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