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Moon: Go on in, John...they'll see you now. [smiles]

John: Thank you, Lady Moon. You're positively beaming!

Moon: [grins] And you should be, too, for passing your astrology certification exam! That's quite an accomplishment.

John: I'll admit it wasn't easy, Lady Moon. I'm honored and humbled.

[enters office]

Sun: John! Come on in and sit down. [hands John a glass] Diet root beer, as I recall? 

John: Thank you, sir. Luna has an excellent memory, doesn't she? 

Sun: Cheeky already, I see. Excellent! 

John: Is Uranus here or is he running late?

Uranus: [voice] I'm here! 

John: I don't see you...where are you? [Turns around] What are you doing behind the door?

Uranus: Have you met me? Did you expect me to be just sitting in a chair like every other planet?

John: Fair enough. That's kind of what I wanted to talk to you both about anyway. 

[Uranus sits down; the Sun sits directly across from him]

Sun: So how can we help you?

John: [sits down] So I just had a question. I found out last week that I passed my astrology certification exam. 

Sun: I heard! Congratulations! Casting charts by hand isn't easy, is it?

John: Nope, it sure isn't. [drinks some soda]

Uranus: And yet it has value!

John: That's true, Uranus. But I looked at the chart for the date and time that it happened, and you were at 1 Taurus 37. 

Uranus: [confused] what?

Sun: I think I can answer that. Wasn't I sitting at 1 Scorpio 37, John, when you were born? As I recall that was the moment. 

John: Yes, sir. That's correct. 

Uranus: Well I'll be damned! That explains a LOT, doesn't it? I opposed your natal Sun position. You know how rare that is?

John: I was just thinking that it's once or twice in a lifetime, right?

Sun: Yup. Urnie doesn't move fast enough for it to happen more than that.

Uranus: Hey now...I move pretty good for an older guy!

Sun: I can see you've come a long way in your studies, John. Good for you!

John: Far enough to see something this obvious, sir. But what I want to know from your rebellious charge here [gestures toward Uranus] is what is coming next. Can you tell me that?

Uranus: should I know?

John: Astrology exam results are one thing, but I have some other things in play. I'd love some more clarity. [finishes soda]

Uranus: Who do you think I am? Mercury?

Sun: I guess we'll just have to wait and see, John. Sorry. 

Uranus: I'm not!

Moon: [from outside] Urnie, be nice! And John...don't leave that glass in his office, please. 

John: [stands up and raising voice slightly] Yes, ma'am. I'll bring it to you on my way out.

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